23 May 2013

Jessie's Professional Summer Shoe

OMG, I'm in love. In a recent shopping spree--haul images coming soon--I got a beautiful African patchwork skirt, and an assortment or sleeveless tops to mix and match. The only problem was that the majority of my summer shoes fall on the wrong side of casual . . . see what I mean.

I scoured the thrift stores, local vintage shops, Etsy, and other spots across the internet to find the right item. Nothing jumped out at me until I found these. My goal with this shoe is to use a busy multi-color print as my neutral. It sounds crazy, but I think it can work. Paired with a colorful skirt, or solid slacks, this shoe could work as a cute focal point or as an understated base.

Wish me luck, they have just shipped from Pennsylvania and should be in my office in a couple days. Review to follow soon!!!