29 May 2013

"Mediocre People are Always at their Best..."

...says Dr. Bill Cosby at the University of Baltimore commencement ceremony on May 21, 2013

The class of 2013 got a special treat for commencement; legendary actor, comedian, and renowned graduation speaker, Bill Cosby. I just watched his address to the graduating class. Fun, funny, and inspirational.

In stark contrast to his presentation, my sister's JHU graduation last week was guested by the president of the local electric utility. He spoke about how he fought to keep unions out of the company. He praised his own actions when he made a professional move that made it possible for someone else to be promoted to vice president ahead of himself. Then he self-congratulatingly mentioned that this person is still his friend now that he's the president and the friend is still just a veep. I was underwhelmed.

I'm proud of my Alma Mater for their choice of speaker and I want to share the video with you here. FYI: it plays on Windows Media Player.