08 June 2015

The Outdoors Rx

This past winter totally effed me up, emotionally! Numerous days inside, coupled with diminished physical activity, and almost no environmental vitamin D contributed to my being bummed out. This lasted all the way up to our April holiday in the sun. Those brief two weeks in Antigua made me happy and recharged my batteries for the start of the spring. The combination of sunlight, outdoor exercise, and reconnecting with my family, that is.

After being back in the states for about a month, I can feel the pull of the doldrums. Spending more time inside has definitely caused a slip backward for me. A few Saturdays ago, I decided to take action, and go out for ride and not return until I felt better. That first long morning ride was exactly what I needed.

My personal prescription is something that doctors actually prescribe. Check it out:
Click to listen to the WAMU segment: Feeling Down and Out: Just Walk it Off...