09 August 2017

Happy 40th to Me…

…from one and all.

This is a milestone and usually a time of introspection for many of us ‘women of a certain age’.

I think I’ll skip the introspection this time around, and instead plan for the tomorrows on my trajectory. Today is about celebration.

We planned a waffle and Champagne (Cava) brunch. cakes, dried fruits, quiches, faux sausages, and more...

People gathered in groups and talked , laughed, ate, and drank...

The puppy was back and forth, being cute and tricking people (mainly me) out of a nibble or two of meat

I love having brunch...it's all I wanted for my 40th

Brunch...and great friends, actually.

All todays are for celebrating life, health, love, friends, family, and security.

I'm thankful for another opportunity.