11 August 2017

Job Search List

In any working environment I expect my level of joy (or contentedness) to ebb and flow. But, dangit if the ebbs don't make me think of greener pastures. It may come as a surprise to some, but I’m not entirely happy with work right now.

That said, I’m actually used to the lull and swear that I won’t make any rash decisions because of a rough patch 😉 for the time being.

Make a List

I bring this up because in going through my graphic design files—to add to my portfolio—I came across an exercise that my mentor had me do when I was feeling particularly * trapped, unchallenged, and unfulfilled at work. She had me list—in order of importance—everything I need to be challenged, fulfilled, and happy with my work situation. It was an interesting exercise. It took me hours of introspection and searching my memory, but I made the list of three things (and multiple sub-things) that are necessary.

In compiling the list I went back to the workplaces where I grew the most. It was always under the guidance and support of an excellent director: the American Inst of Architects (Karen), The American College of Nurse-Midwives (Yolanda), University of Baltimore Student Events (Simon), and the Community Foundation (Gigi).

So, I made my list, and left out the one constant in my best working experiences; a committed, invested, supportive, smart, empathetic, knowledgeable expert of a boss. However, I did try to imply it in the #1 ‘need’.

It’s funny to see the things I prioritized, and funnier to know that it’s all still true.
Curious about my current job? It's been a battle to get here...

(*I was also feeling lost, directionless, depressed, hampered, hindered, stagnant, and sweaty...all because of work)