30 June 2019

It’s all about the Pants

Harem Pants, that is…
It hasn’t caught on yet, but I call this style Bohemian Business. Basically it’s harem pants, topped with a linen tank and fitted blazer. Since finding Virblatt, Harem Pants online, I have been replacing my work and play pants with them—what few I own. Those who know me well, know that I prefer skirts to pants in general, but this style speaks to my every instinct. Harem slacks can be as discreet as my Ankara print skirts from West Africa, and as alluring as any strappy dress. Plus they can (apparently, be dressed up or down to fit in most social settings.
(click on image thumbnail to view full-size)

Since I started buying these bon pantalon half a decade ago, they have become one of my main wardrobe staples (along with vintage dresses, 100% cotton, and strappy sandals—I may be a sandal-holic, but I digress).

People have stopped me with compliments—or to learn buying options—in Canada, the USA, in Central America, and in the British Virgin Islands. These are awesome.