21 February 2013

for the love of leopard

Last year, I snagged a pair of gorgeous  MaryJane Pumps.

Precisely, they're the Penthouse Women's Kat Tattoo Embroidered Wedge,Leopard,(size:9 M US). Yes, that is actual embroidery, not an applique.

To date, I've worn these gorgeous shoes about 6 times--at work. They look great when I'm going for a quasi-40's vintage office girl look; high-waist pencil skirt, opaque tights, button down blouse, etc. However, something has always been missing when I rock these shoes. I've just figured out what!

I'm now on the lookout for the perfect leopard-spotted clutch / purse / wallet. Here's what I'm looking for.

Quick Shoe Review:
This pump runs a bit wide. My usual shoe size is a 9 (regular to M) and these babies are roomy. There's plenty of room for a pair of socks when I have on thick tights with these. The width is the only thing that detracts from my enjoyment of wearing these; the instep and rise are comfortable and I can wear them for extended periods of time.

I'd give 'em a 4 of 5 stars.