19 February 2013

style: whom do I emulate

This may sound crazy, but whenever I go shopping, I ask myself W.W.A.W.? What would Amanda wear? This mental Amanda, who I conjure when the buying spirit moves me, is a communications pro and former ambush-ee on the now-syndicated teevee show What Not to Wear. As a blogger, and communications manager for Best of Texas blog, she documented her 2009 ambush, awakening and--eventual--transformation. Check out her experience on the blog...

On a recent day off, I caught a rerun of her episode, What Not to Wear Season 7, Episode 4, and was literally moved to tears when I saw the difference that the makeover made. Amanda's build and sense of style matched mine closely--quirky, cute, and not ideal for her body at all. Not only that, she was also in the same field as me and often chose a floor-length, hobo skirt as her go-to office gear; just as I used to. All friends and co-workers can attest to my gigantic hippie skirt fetish.

Inspired after watching her episode, I used the rules she was given to edit my professional wardrobe; donating unflattering clothes, and adding more pieces that perfect my silhouette. I noticed the difference immediately and my professional colleagues took quirky, little me much more seriously. Plus, I got to do some shopping. Win-win.

Today I owe a lot of what resides in my closet to catching Amanda's transformation. In reading of her experience on the Best of Texas Blog, I found more of her writing on various topics; it's exceptional. Sadly, she's no longer at Best of Texas- or even in the state.

Wherever she is and whatever she's doing professionally, I wish Amanda (season 7, episode 4) luck and owe her debt of gratitude.

 More photos and info on the learning channel website.