21 June 2013

Our Wedding Day was Perfect

We planned, and planned, and booked, and then the day came; Thursday, June 20--the most beautiful day so far this year. We exchanged wedding band tattoos last week and got our paperwork completed 2 weeks ago (pretty much).

Our celebration took place at the Columbus Pavilion in Druid Hill Park. It's a beautiful, picturesque location with trees, a lake, the nearby zoo, and an insane amount of porta-potties (?) Wanna see...

These are the plants we began growing
in April for centerpieces. We planted only
edible plants..this is a pepper.
(click this image to see full gallery)

We biked to and from the park, as did a couple of our guests.

My engagement ring, and tattoo wedding band.

The song was unexpected, and beautiful (there wasn't a dry eye in the house)