23 July 2013

Mosquito Repellent?

I'm extremely allergic to , but attractive to Mosquitoes that it's not funny. The only product that I've found that keeps them away from me is the Avon SkinSoSoft Bug Guard. That stuff is MAGIC! Unfortunately, I'm not talking about that today.

Instead, let's talk about Off Unscented Family Care Spray (the plastic bottle). Earlier in the season, I picked up a bottle in hopes of getting temporary relief while waiting a couple days for my order to arrive. Bad idea. I sprayed on the Off and went out the the gazebo to have wine and berries. I was assaulted. A bite each on my face, and 4 on my legs and feet. Off was a waste of money for me. On the second day, I drenched my body and clothes with the spray. I only got 2 additional bites, unacceptable.
Use SkinSoSoft Bug Guard, instead!
This gets 2/ 5 stars from me.

For one thing, it's inexpensive. Second, it appears to work best if you bathe in the noxious liquid, but that seems unsafe and not very economical.