21 July 2013

Adventures in Home Building I

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At long last the renovations have begun. The roofer gets started on Monday and the walls have already come down on our 2nd floor. Not only that, the faux-wood vinyl tiles are all up from the 2nd floor floor and we have good news and bad. The tiles came up easily, but the floor that we had hoped was all hard wood turned out to be mostly plywood.

This means that I get to shop around for gorgeous flooring for our soon-to-be master suite. I shouldn't be this excited at the prospect of dipping into our budget, but I love perusing materials and finishes. There's also the research, price comparisons, and maybe even a spreadsheet. Bliss. 

Anyway, here're images of the demolition. It's easy to envision me drinking tea in the lounge area or reading in bed here.