20 June 2013

Wedding Cake!!!

I mentioned in the Wedding Cake Dilemma article that my husband was to handle the cake ordering for our big day. He was hell-bent on a chocolate mousse cake and called round to his favorite French bistro to price the confection. The quote was $75 for a cake that could easily serve 12; meaning that we'd need to order 4 of them to accommodate all of our guests. He decided against it.

Later in the week, he popped in into to our neighborhood grocery--Eddies of Charles Village--to ask about their bakery offerings. They use a very well-thought-of local baker that offered a large chocolate mousse cake that divided into 40 portions easily; for the cost of one bistro cake.

On our special day, we cut into the large chocolaty confection and shared the first bite. It was exquisite! All of our guests loved it and it didn't break the bank!!