17 June 2013

Gravity-Defying Wine Rack

You'll Need:
A  2 x 4 cut down to 30"
4  1/2" flat corner brackets
4 3/4" #8 Screws

Tape measure, pencil, Drill with 1 1/4" paddle bit, scrap wood, sandpaper (80 and 120 grit), wood stain, and a screwdriver

Get her Done:
  • Mark a center line down the entire 4" face of the 2 x 4. Starting 3 1/2" down your center line, make a drill hole mark. Continue making marks spaces 2 7/8" apart (total of 9 marks).
  • Place a piece of scrap wood under the 2 x 4 to keep it from splintering, push the spiked tip of the drill bit into the wood before drilling, and proceed with a slow and steady hand.
  • Use the sandpaper to clean up any rough spots. For a smoother look, sand the wood down and bevel the edges, you can also stain the wood now, if you want.
  • It's time to mount your wine rack. Center the corner bracket on the 4" side next to the top hole and screw it in. Make sure the bracket is centered so that it's hidden by a bottle. Flip the 2 x 4 over and add a bracket to the other side.
  • Follow the same steps for the bottom hole.
  • Mount this  rack on a stud and keep it well-stocked