28 February 2013

7 easy pieces

Having a complete and versatile wardrobe doesn't mean that you need to own  2 of every silhouette in every  color, plus black. It's possible to have this wardrobe by starting with 7 easy pieces that you can mix-match-accessorize for maximum versatility. Here are the must-haves:

  1. Figure-Flattering Dress
  2. Ubiquitous V-Neck Black Tee
  3. Sleeveless Buttondown
  4. Casual, yet Structured Jacket
  5. Neutral Pants/Slacks
  6. Sleek A-Line Skirt
  7. Pencil Skirt
This sample set plays with shape and pattern, while sticking to a fairly neutral palette

Don't be afraid to play with pattern, colour, and textures. This set includes geometric lines bright color and African wax prints. Things like pants or slacks are easier to select in neutral hues. Grey, black, white great a great foundation to build upon.

I love florals. This set adds more print and pattern,