28 May 2013

Saturday Brunch: Fresh Fruit

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My older sis recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Computer Science. To celebrate, she invited the whole family over for an outdoor brunch and drinks. So, we got to hang out in her beautiful house and tour the gorgeous gardens of her property. I took tons of pictures.

For the meal, we enjoyed:
organic strawberries, grapes and blueberries
blue and white corn chips with picante salsa
grilled pound cake
lamb meatballs and organic beef franks (not pictured)
Bogle Chardonnay Spritzers with fruit

I took dozens of photos of the interior and exterior of her home, her excellent taste in decorating and gardening is obvious throughout. Shes's got an extensive milk glass collection, two acres planted with indigenous and edible plants, and a mini farmyard populated by her 6 chickens.

Here're a few snaps:

This is the main spread.

My sis is in grey