26 June 2013

Confession of a Shopaholic

I've not yet bought anything here, but since I was kid I've been fascinated by home shopping television! It' feels so good to unburden myself.

QVC and HSN both got started back in the 80s and have come a long way, baby. The UHF channel that once showcased hours of porcelain dolls and tent dresses, has  morphed into a great form of entertainment and fashion inspiration. And today, frankly you're nobody unless you have your line on a shopping channel. Huge fashion designers, actors, celebrity chefs, and other folks are always featured with their "signature" lines. Today they broadcast from several studios around the nation, not just in Florida, and the variety of regular hosts appeals to everyone in America. I love it!

So, AM style and PM Style are my faves, but I'll tune in to catch In the Kitchen segments, jewelry segments, and even household segments. The channels also now offer online shopping, and they keep their audiences engaged by keeping up up web 2.0 and social media offerings, brilliant.

As mentioned, I haven't made the transition from viewer to shopper, and who knows if I ever will. I'm too busy being entertained.