28 June 2013

The Honeymoon's Over

We just got back into town from our cycling trip to Leesburg, VA. This trip took us on several bike trails across two states and the District of Columbia; the Gwynns Falls Trail, Middle Branch Trail, BWI Trail, B&A Trail, Route 450, Rock Creek Parkway Bike Trail, Custis Trail, and the W&OD Trail. Our planned 6-day trip was full of twists and turns in the road.

On day one we rode through Baltimore and Annapolis, MD to make our way to Chez Ami Bed & Breakfast.

Before our arrival, I got a flat and we had to change my tire. Luckily, the one Alan wrench that we brought with actually fit the new bolt on my front wheel.

When we arrived in the late afternoon, the owners met us and apologized for their lack of bike parking. Their neighbor, a state senator, offered to lock up our vehicles in his yard. Sweet. We took him up on the offer and headed in to town for our annual plate of Drunken Noodles at Sakura restaurant on main street.

The following day, we accidentally toured the less-known corners of Annapolis before heading in the direction of Washington, DC. The route was beautiful and the scenery picturesque; I didn't pull out a camera on this ride because I was busy watching the *deer crossings.

First peach of the summer
In DC, we lunched on pizza and white wine spritzers at Zorbas on Connecticut Ave. On this trip, we had an amazing amount of pizza. After locking up our bikes and belongings at the Windsor Park hotel in Adams Morgan, we headed to main street for drinks on the patio of Millie & Al's. The night was cool, the drinks were well-poured, and the company was excellent. We had a couple rounds before heading back to the room.

On day 3, we searched for the entrance to the Rock Creek Parkway bike trail. After running across 3 lanes of highway traffic--on the wrong side of a blind corner--we were on our way. That trail led to the Key Bridge which took us into Arlington, VA. The most memorable trail--for it's winding, rolling difficulty met us first; the Custis Trail. Last year I got off and walked up a few of those steep hills. This time around, I simply bent over my bars, grit my teeth, and took 'em.

Beyond Custis, we finally hit the W&OD trail. It led us 34 miles south to Leesburgh and lunch. We stopped in to the first place we saw in town and had Cajun seafood and salads, accompanied by large cups of sweet tea and water. The bed and breakfast in town is beautiful and romantic. The high ceilings, wood floors, and comfy decor make me miss it each time we leave. The thunderstorm that rolled in right after we unpacked was spectacular to watch from the 10 foot windows.

That night we dined on pizza, and then had drinks with the locals on the back patio of an English pub.
The following day, we did (practically) the whole thing in reverse. We're now back home, and the honeymoon is officially over.

* high-speed encounters with deer can prove fatal to cyclists, even when wearing helmets.