27 June 2012

A-Line Skirt vs. Pencil Skirt

I love the A-line skirt. I have the perfect reason. My business casual wardrobe also doubles as my weekend casual wardrobe and that's not gonna change. For me, the pencil is a bit too formal. The silhouette is very flattering for many different body shapes,  but---for me--it looks weird above a pair of canvas men's sandals or a slingly west African beaded thong.

That said, I own a gorgeous black pencil skirt for inevitable business meeting, and another one for just in case. The straight lines of this silhouette smooth out round hips, add length to a short torso, and also give structure to an outfit. Visualize vertical lines underneath a puffy shirt, or a teeshirt/jacket combo.

Here are some rules for getting a flattering A-line or pencil skirt for most body types:
  1. Knee-length is the perfect length 
  2. Avoid too much fabric - curvy, hippy chicks can look absolutely huge and shapeless when wearing some pleated or elasticated skirts. Instead, opt for flat-front construction at least a flat waistband, Avoid too little fabric also - micro minis only look great on 105 lb, 16-year-old models--and that's only on the runway,
  3. Don't be afraid of patterns and colors - the majority of women opt for black, dark, monochromatic bottoms. Spice it up a bit. Vertical patterns flatter all body types, and shocking red skirts go a long way to balance a professional ensemble. Check it out.