30 June 2013

Living Room Lovin'

We've got 2 large couches on which we perch and gaze lovingly at one another across the coffee table. Well, with a new house, things may have to change. Our current plan is to knock out the wall that separates the master bedroom and the middle room and make a large open master. This'll delete the corridor upstairs altogether. So, I'm planning to move my brown couch up to the bedroom lounge area.

I'll be forced to sit on the plush, faux-hide seating that my husband loves. It's a huge sacrifice for me, but we will finally be together.

In looking around for a sofa table, I found a beautiful solution that I had to share. Isn't this the cat's pajamas??!!

The rustic wooden table is the perfect place toe additional lighting, laptops, books, or a pot of tea. And the side cupboards look like fantastic storage when the laptops aren't in use.

I wonder if my dad will make us this table as a housewarming gift?