15 August 2013

Honey, Vinegar is Awesome!

My husband is skeptical--at best--about all of the wonderful uses of plain white vinegar. Since we've known each other I have increased my use of this fabulous liquid around the house, in food, and out of doors. When observing or being enlisted to make use of a vinegar solution, hubby wrinkles his nose and calls me a mad scientist. Well, he of little faith, here's a list of proven uses for vinegar that will make your head spin. Some of the more impressive ones are near the top.

1. Working in women's health a few years back I was dumb-struck to learn that 3-5% vinegar solutions can be used to detect cervical cancer cells in women in the developing world. The simple test saves lives through early detection.

2. I use apple cider vinegar as a post-wash hair conditioner. It strips out all of the shampoo residue and whatnot without leaving my hair squeaky clean. It's been awesome in keeping my hair healthy.

3. Undiluted vinegar will KILL weeds growing up in the sidewalk. It's the most amazing thing I've seen. One day there's grass or a tree working it's way up through a crack, and the next, it's just a patch of parched, brown leaves ready to be removed.

4. Vinegar, a bit of olive oil, spices to taste, and three cans of rinsed beans mixed with chopped onion and celery make the most delicious summer-time dinner.

5. Up to a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle makes all laundry--no matter how soiled and gross--smell ultra fresh once dry. I swear.

6. A cup of vinegar will remove tarnish and polish precious metals, shower heads, old coffee carafes, and cutlery to  a like-new shine.

7. The website VersatileVinegar.com has dozens more uses for this stuff.