22 October 2013

1 Year on the Job...

I made this vid weeks ago in anticipation of my 365-day anniversary at the university. Well, today, it's official. Here's what happened: I wanted to use my multi-media design and technical skills more than my prior position allowed. It's important for me to keep all of my skills sharp--keeps me marketable.

Anyway, I started the new job on the 22nd of October last year, and snapped a pic of me against the backdrop of my cube and co-workers. Just about everyday after, I biked to work and changed from yoga pants and a tee into my office gear. Since there's no mirror in my cube, I used Photo Booth to take a look at each day's wardrobe change. This vid is a year's worth of changes at 6:45am:

1 Year @Loyola from simone jenifer on Vimeo.