03 October 2013

Adventures in Home Building II

Okay, our contractor is working his fingers to the bone. So are we--sort of. We planned to do the tiling and painting when the time came--to save a few bucks and really take ownership of this process.

After last weekend I'm ready to give ownership back :)  We tiled the bathroom shower and will grout it and finish tiling the floor this Saturday. Since the house was built in 1920 and may have settled a bit, the 90 degree lines that make up all corners and joints are a bit out of plumb. Plus we quit using the tile spacers after finishing the first 3 rows of tile on the back shower wall and opted to just eyeball it (bad idea). So, now I get to call our house the slanty shanty.

Here are a few pics of the parts that we got right. Isn't the tile beautiful?

In addition to the shower, we're slated to do the bathroom floor, and tiel the kitchen back splash in more geometric glass tiles.The bathroom floor will be finished in some beautiful river rocks.

On a related note, J&J contracting begin installing the new flooring as soon as it arrives.. likely this week. We originally planned to get a dark-stained bamboo, practically black. Because of a few Home Depot complication--they only had click lock black bamboo, not the more secure nail-in in stock. So we headed to Lumber Liquidators to view their samples before buying (their cost was -$2.00 per sq. foot). While there  I realized that their dark bamboo looked a bit cheap and plasticy--even though it was actual hard wood. We looked around some more and found  3/4" maple in a pewter stain. BEAUTIFUL!! So we opted for that instead. And it cost about the same as the bamboo.