03 October 2013

Date Night: Tapas Teatro

I've got a soft spot in my heart for the Charles Theater and Tapas Teatro in the 1700 block of N. Charles Street in Baltimore. On date night, recently, we started with the ensalata teatro, followed by sausages (chorizo, I believe), then rounded off with the Bronzino (whole fish) special, and wrapped up in a bow by the goat cheese cake. Mmmmm!

Of course, the vino accompaniment was a Gougenheim white (chardonnay, I believe). For an early autumn date night, you can't beat Tapas for al fresco dining:



We didn't have the Malbec, but I found this pic of their new
label online at www.redorwhitewinereviews.blogspot.com,
figured I'd share it anyway. Their Chardonnay is light, with apple
overtones, and crisp; it's great for this time of year!