28 April 2014

Simple Pleasures

It's no big secret that hubby and I generally travel by bicycle. However, when the weather turns cool, we make a trip out to the wilds of suburbia on the local Light Rail system. This Saturday excursion allow us to shop in a couple large department stores, eat at chain restaurants, and mix with the people we'd never mix with otherwise. It's pretty traumatic so we limit this outing to three times a year, or so.

The best part of our mini-shopping spree is the opening ceremony; a cup of coffee and possibly a dessert at the Caribou Coffee. This place is jut the right amount of Starbucks for me without the name recognition. In Caribou, we hold hands, snap a few pics and discuss our game plan. Mine is usually to hit the DSW and grab some particular style of shoe. His is to snag a few pairs of  black socks. Jointly, we plot out the lunch option: California Pizza Kitchen, Carabba's, Outback Steak House (has never made the list) Appelbee's, Panera, or the Green Turtle.

This Light Rail trip is our symbolic kickoff to winter.

For some reason it just came to mind because the Caribou Coffee that's downtown has closed and is being replaced by something called Peets Coffee & Tea (judging from the logotype, this may be the same company--under new management).

Have a great day!