06 June 2014

From Gruesome to Garden III: Gazebo Update

The Gazebo is finished and the flowers have bloomed. Sadly, our poor Columbines are at the end of their blooming cycle. The next yard issue to tackle is the ground cover...

Targeted plantings of Clover. Since this season is so wet, I've been sprinkling the seeds into small sections and hand watering-them until there's a substantial growth before I move on to another small dirt patch. Who knew that growing ground cover was labor?!

You're gonna want to click to view the full-size photos:

Before the garden grew / After the garden grew (a bit)

Curious about the size?  7' square(ish), that's enough room for a bistro table and seating for 2-3;
plus a large pitcher of Sangria, an ashtray, and a modest sized fruit and cheese tray.

Salvia and Dahlias are hanging in there!

Clover patches are in various stages of growth!
This is the view over our final Columbine blooms