26 May 2015

From Gruesome to Garden 2015

We’ve worked hard this season to remake our backyard living space. Last year’s spring and summer proved to be mild and temperate…it rained every 3 days. This season, so far, is marked by periods of hot ad dry followed by hard, heavy, torrential downpours. Yes, Mother Nature is responsible for killing my plants (or maybe it’s my inexperience??).

It's no surprise that many of my seedlings are either struggling or dead.

That said, the store-bought or transplanted plants (thanks ma) are doing well. Hubby and I have worked out a reasonable watering/gardening schedule… It’s definitely a work in progress…

My fingers remain perpetually crossed. Take a look:

Yes, we added a quarter-dozen half whiskey barrels to our landscape

lots of last years perennials survived the winter, and are back this year!

close up of the new bed (so far, it's pretty unimpressive--but we have time on our side)

another view of the new bed...

We decided to make 2 new flower beds, distinct from the yoga workout space :)

Lots of last season's plant came back…in the foreground is
a pot overflowing with sage and thyme

we're trying a little patio AND growing morning glories under the porch too (exciting!)

Yay, new flowers!