21 July 2015

Montpelier Orchard July Update

Whew! It's hot outside.

I came home from  my Sunday bike ride to find three neighbors toiling away inside of the Orchard. I decided to roll up my sleeves and lend them a hand- before the heat got the better of me.

Here's what's going on: Neighbors have applied for a neighborhood garden grant to help us with the financial aspects of taking care of the space. One of our intrepid bunch drew pup a preliminary plan of the interior layout. It looks fantastic; stone paths rock (sorry about that):

Taking a close look, it's obvious that the work we've already done lays out a fantastic framework for this draft.

What's Next? There the necessity for having neighborhood buy-in for this project. This is in the form of a letter or petition signed-off by a majority of neighbors on our block. I imagine this will be a simple thing. Everyone I've spoken to on my street is happy and excited by the recent progress at Montpelier Orchard.

This past week I snapped a few pics of herbs before I harvested a bunch and made the most delicious lemon thyme vinaigrette, three bean salad.
Click on image to view details.

Gotta admit, it's a great sign...

I enjoyed tea while hubby picked weeds… thanks hubby!
Montpelier Orchard from our Porch...

Ahhh, these tomatoes are ready for salsa verde.

the front of Montpelier Orchard on recycling day...

I'm not a fan, but the Swiss Chard is thriving (maybe I'll give it another try??) 

I got to sample a few of the cukes before the vines gave up the ghost