20 July 2015

From Gruesome to Garden – July 2015 Update

Wow, Sunflowers!
My sister called yesterday and asked how our summer’s been going. That query prompted me to post this latest garden update. To begin, we decided to plant a ton of Morning Glories and Moon Flowers to trail up the back deck (new nomenclature for the porch) to the roof. It was an experiment that is working out well, since our deck is regularly cluttered with gardening tools, et cetera.

In the yard proper, we’ve got flowers herbs, and a smattering of cherry tomatoes. One little surprise is the purple/yellow/white pansies that had snuck up between a planting of Basil (I didn’t think they’d make it so I planted Basil seedlings on top of the seeds) and the Hydrangea bush from mom-and-dad that I immediately killed back in May (It’s ALIVE!!!!).

Here’s what’s going on at our little slice of Terra Firma:

Worms-eye view of our newest Hosta in the rain garden

Mon-and-Dad gave us a ton of Echnincea to transplant back in May. bees love  them!

Morning Glories from the deck--the trees in background are outside of our fence...

Cherry Tomatoes are, apparently, easy to grow...

The purple, white, yellow pansies (or something) grew as a surprise...

In the Rain Garden: Japanese Maple, Tea Roses, Hosta, Ajuga, Vinca, and other stuff