19 July 2015

Awesome Home Facial

This summer is going along swimmingly! We had a good time on our bike trip, and we have seen Parliament Funkadelic perform, planted a beautiful garden at home and in our neighborhood garden/orchard, enjoyed many outdoor concerts and festivals, swam a little bit, biked through some of our lesser-known neighborhoods and greenery, and almost figured out how to best thwart skeeters (more on this later!). All of this activity has played havoc on my delicate face.

Awaking this morning, glasses-less, I peered closely into a bedside mirror and blanched at the size of the pores staring back at me. YIKES! Clogged and prominent.

Allure magazine outlines an excellent salon-style home facial that will yield great results. I jumped from bed at 7am today and hit the grocery store. I tweaked their suggestions in favor of some natural/kitchen products. Otherwise I stuck to their script. After the facial I went out back to place the papaya craps and paper towels in our compost bin. Upon returning, my husband exclaimed—something that he rarely does, “you’re absolutely radiant!”

Wow, I’m sold on this regimen. As Allure suggested, I took no short cuts.

FYI: In order to keep clean the washcloth that I used several times during this facial, I rinsed it in boiling water and lemon juice between steps. Just to keep it clean and limit bacteria growth (from sugary and food items I used)

Step 1

Take it off - makeup remover, wash gently with cleanser, and exfoliate.

  • I used Neutrogina makeup remover followed up with 
  • Dr. Bronner’s diluted peppermint soap--my usual face wash
  • Exfoliant: I used crushed, ripe Papaya pulp. Left on and periodically massaged for 10 minutes


Steam Clean - hot water and green tea bag, I tented a towel over for about 4-5 minutes. Then remove with a clean warm, moist washcloth.

Step 3

Clay Mask -  I used a Kaolin and Bentonite clay mask. Left on face for about 10 minutes. Then removed with a clean warm, moist washcloth.

Step 4

Hydrating Mask – I made a mixture of equal parts honey and nonfat yogurt (that’s all I had in the house). Left on face for 5 minutes. Then remove with a clean warm, moist washcloth.

Step 5

Nice post-facial surprise!
Moisturize & Massage – I used Kiss My Face for sensitive skin, I trust this product. This step is meant to seal in the moisture from the mask and also stimulate blood flow around face. Allure cautions that movements should be gentle and always in an upward motion.

When you’re done, find a mirror, “you’re absolutely radiant!”
(you may even get pretty flowers)