04 April 2016

Spring Break Art & Culture

We’re on day five of my hubby’s 2016 spring break stay-cation. We have worked on the new house, gardened at our place and the orchard, hung out with contractors, went wild over March Madness, caught a couple World Cup qualifiers, made future medical-dental-eye appointments, had fun getting reacquainted as a couple and renewed our vows. 

We’ve also taken to dining out more than our usual twice-a-week, to a more unsustainable amount—every day, so far. It’s been great. Today, we hit an area museum with a newly reopened African/Asia art wing, and an interesting restaurant that we visit about five times a year, Gertrude’s. We got tasty sandwiches, lunchtime wine, and toured historic artifacts and a surprising contemporary collection featuring Matisse. It was like seeing this local art spot with new eyes… who knew that having lunch first makes such a difference to art appreciation.