01 February 2017

Six-Months at the New Job

I'm in love with this job, this campus, these students, my peers, this mission,  my commute, my standing desk, my office, the season, the passion, and just about everything here at Morgan State University. Five years ago I made the decision to work at this Historically Black College / University (HBCU). With that trajectory in mind, I strategically made all of my job search and acceptance decisions.

I made deliberate moves to position myself as the ideal candidate for a role in the university community. It worked! Here I am, and I hear that I'm already making a difference.

My commute is now different than it has been in the past four+ years. I'm walk-commuting of late and don't need to change clothes every single day. That said, wanna see my clothes:

6 Months On from simone jenifer on Vimeo.

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