19 April 2017

Costa Rica I: Vocabulary

To my vocabulary I add two new words this year, Ducha and Colibri (shower and hummingbird, respectively). These will undoubtedly prove useful to my Spanish language education!

From our very first trip I have held on to the word ‘Falda’, as in:
“Da me un falda, porfavor, Jeffrey.” "Give me the ashtray, please, Jeffrey."
—falda also means skirt. 
I knew at first hearing that this would be a valuable addition to my fluency. Flying home onthe plan that first time I smiled inwardly, Jeffrey would know exactly what I meant, this time next year! But alas, who would have thought that the entire nation would go the way of Washington DC, and ban all indoor smoking?!

Hopefully showering and hummingbirds will remain en vogue in the coming years.