05 April 2017

DIY: Doggie T-Shirt Chew

This winter we had exactly one snow event, made one snow man, and got one snow day-off. On that day hubby, doggie, and me were disinclined to spend too much time outside. I decided to cut up a new whit tee-shirt and make a ‘chewie’ to keep Daisy occupied between naps. It was simple to complete and she loves it.

 IMPORTANT: One thing I’ve learned about non-food dog chews--the pooch needs to be supervised whenever they are chewing the article. They tend to swallow any bits that come off of the toy. That can be lethal.

Starting with an extra-large , 100% cotton tee, I cut it into 1” wide horizontal strips—basically making giant loops. Once the tee was destroyed, I cut the loops into 2 strips then pulled to stretch them into string.

 Separated into three separate bundles to make 3 braids.

Created three braids then used these to make a single big braid, tying off the ends with some of the out-hanging fringe.

Daisy chewed this for hours! Eventually, I took the giant braid apart and connected the three in a free form configurations (after she chewed my end tie off, that is).

I first made these three into a larger braid, then took them apart again ...

The picture of incredulity...

Notice how she neglects her delicious ham bone.