29 March 2018

Vacation Day 3: Amimodo et al...

Taken from my travel journal…Spring Break 2018

Well the surf is high and the water is rough…proof:

  1. Six Aussie surfers have taken to riding waves on our beach front this morning
  2. The tumbling I took in the surf yesterday…arms and knees akimbo, toes bent every-which-way
  3. Further proof…muscle soreness this morning!
Another tasty breakfast today and my travel tummy is back to normal.

The Tourists are Here 

There are hundreds—maybe thousands—of people in the village for Semana Santa (saints week that happens from Passover to Easter, a huge Tico holiday). We’ve heard the spectrum of languages: American, French, Aussie, Spanish, Ticos, German, Italian (by far the American accent grates on my ears most).

We went back to Amimodo Garden Restaurant, a favorite from three past trips to Pto. Viejo. They do a mean pasta dish & an even meaner pizza... 

I remain amazed at the diversity of the gardens. This year I’m happy to see that a few of the plants I assumed would invade (a few different types of mint, mostly) did not.

There is also a new sculptural element made of stone and cement…maybe I want this in my expanded gardens, rather than the ‘stone head’ from Big Dreams Small Spaces …hmmm