29 March 2018

Vacation Day 2: Environmental Changes

Taken from my travel journal…Spring Break 2018
We went to Banana Azul (another nearby hotel that we frequent). It’s worrying that there is so much less beach. However, the locals (natives and expats) did not seem bothered in the least. They were nonplussed by the rise and attribute it to the winter storms in February that brought the sea to so many doorsteps and pulled down hundreds of trees…but my question is ‘shouldn’t the  water have receded by March?’
It is a huge shock to see the trees under which we spent so many *happy hours in years past—the damn trees had been uprooted and knocked over by the surf. So much for the climate-change-rising-water-level-deniers. I was IN SHOCK…these trees were some 20 feet from the tide line last year.

My favorite tree (right): With all this, there’s the resiliency of nature…this tree is obviously one that was toppled during the storms, it has grown branches pointing straight up to the sky and its roots grow to elevate the main trunk out of the water.

I’m still not over the constant surrounding by folks on the plane and shuttle, gonna work at avoiding folks for a t least another day.

*Happy Hours, in the it's-five-o'clock-somewhere-sense