28 March 2018

Travel Day 1: Costa Rica Travel - Leaving the USA

Taken from my travel journal…Spring Break 2018
For Americans traveling to the Caribbean the most popular:
  1. Tee-Shirt: Jurassic Park 
  2. Luggage: Patagonia Duffle Backpack ($125!) 
  3. TV Shows on the plane: Modern Family (seen 3 episodes, myself) and Big Bang Theory (never seen it). 

Catching the Caribe Shuttle from SJO Airport to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon…

Guess what, the Trip Advisor post was spot on! We are sitting in the Denny’s waiting for the Caribe Shuttle to take us on this last leg of our Puerto Viejo travels…

I’m happy and excited even though this may be the last vacation in Costa Rica for a while. See, we’re switching up the travel paradigm…domestic travel in spring break and international travel in summer. 10 days is just not enough time when you’re spending 2 full days on planes trains and automobiles.


  • Ticos: Our Costa Rican friends 
  • Cigarro 
  • Encendedor – lighter ...actually just say Fuego
  • Herbal Tea – te herbario 
  • Mint Tea – Te Menta 
  • Must remember: you have (tienes) I have (tengo), and we have (temenos)!! 
  • Play (deporte): juegando 

We had books on the shuttle!

(7 hours later)

Also, the Caribe Shuttle took us on a 4 hour trip that took 8 hours. Apparently there was possibly some sort of accident on the Nation’s 2-lane super highway that snarled traffic for hours. At one point in the traffic jam we got a full 20km in 2 hours. Butt ached by the time we got to Hotel Perla Negra.

Reception was closed and all was quiet. They left us a note at the desk that read:

“Late Check In: Rob & Simone, Welcome! You are in room 10, the Wifi password is *****, breakfast is from 7a-9a, see you tomorrow”

Aw, I love this place!

Vacation Day 1: At Playa Negra in Puerto Viejo

Rain on the beach L We sprang up like Jack from his Box to dip our toes—indeed our whole selves—in the Caribbean sea. Alas there I rain and it’s still 63 degrees in the morning. We made it half-way to the derelict that I planned to jump off of when the water started bucketing down. We turned back having only strolled half-a-mile.

Grabbed books and headed for pre-breakfast hot beverages. I’m off coffee, so drank dos copas de te menta.

At 7am we broke our fast: toast, Gallo Pinto (beans and rice with a dollop of mayo is the traditional Tico breakfast), fruit, scrambled eggs, and (tropical )fruit juice. I sampled all in moderate moderation then devlared, “from tomorrow on, only scrambled eggs and papaya for me!” The eggs are bright yellow and seasoned to perfection—maybe it’s something as simple as Adobo, but it’s delicious.

Rough plan for today is to avoid people as much as possible…swim a bit, get groceries for lunch/dinner, read more and prep for tomorrow