09 September 2019

Why I read labels and ingredients

I read labels to see what I’m buying and what product is better for me. Usually it’s all about fiber, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and certain preservatives. However, I also find it important to compare the content of similar products. This time it paid off:

I passed new and beautiful toothpastes on my most recent shopping trip. One that caught my eye was the new Crest Gum Detoxify, Deep Clean. As a person who is alternatively diligent about gum health, and then nonchalant—I’m on an upswing right now—I was curious about whether this product would be better than the Crest that usually makes it home. This new Gum Detox has a whopping 0.454% of Stannous Fluoride as its active ingredient. This is the more potent form of Fluoride; my preference.

I was initially impressed but decided to look at the Crest 2-for-1 value pack, a few shelves down. This also had a whopping 0.454% of Stannous Fluoride as the active ingredient. It also contained the exact same inactive ingredients.