05 July 2012

Comfy Shoes...eh

This week, packages arrive at my office daily. Yesterday, I got the Keen Women's Summer Golden Sandal (SGS).

I'm on a search for the perfect, cute, comfy shoe. I work 8-hour days at a standing desk, and usually kick off my shoes and allow my tootsies to make footprint shaped grooves in my anti-fatigue mat.  However, as I'm a highly-regarded techie, I sometimes wonder if I should give everyone a manicured toe-shot whenever they come by my office. The jury is still out.

Anyway, I want comfy-cute shoes that I can wear at my desk, biking to work , or during a long walk on a balmy spring afternoon. Enter this Keen canvas cutie. It's made of a mix of canvas and leather upper, set in a molded rubber base. This shoe will be adorable with one of my ubiquitous knee-length skirts, look like a business casual  shoe under the folded hem of my straight-legged twills, and keep my heel protected form the teeth of my bike pedals.

Out of the box, this is the shoe. However, every part of SGS that touches my foot is hard. I know that I may need to break them in a bit to get the n canvas to give, but the prospect of wearing them for a full 8 hours doesn't make my heart sing. However, the shape is great, the style is so adorable, and the potential for a versatile sandal makes me want to strap those hard puppies on and just suffer for a few hours.

It'll happen soon, then maybe I'll report again on these . For now, I'm giving the Keen Women's Summer Golden Sandal 3 out of 5 stars.