29 July 2012

two couches, no queuing

In my household, we value comfort most of all. He loves his red leather sofa with hand embroidered cushions and I favor my brown chenille. Frankly, I cant stand animal hide seating, it's cold in the winter and hot in the summer and doesn't breath against the skin.  According to my other half, it's the epitome of home furnishings.  On this we shall never see eye-to-eye. We have seperate couches.

In moving into our new digs, we made sure that our main living area was cozy, conducive to conversation, and comfortable. We've divided the space with a low coffee table--that doubles as a dining / craft / high tea / catch-all table. It's fantastic! The room is also bordered by our eclectic art collection and two book shelves that are withing easy reach.

Plus, if one of us wants to visit the other on the opposite couch, it's a fun little field trip!