22 January 2013

cubicle makeover : my way

Searching the web for inspiration on a cubicle makeover is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are dozens of examples of people adding wood paneling, wall paper, or curtains to beautify their workspace. However, there's precious little on reconfiguring a cube for better comfort, productivity, usability, or harmony. So, I'm doing it myself.

My workday is spent standing. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the space before I added my keyboard platform and  elevated my monitors in the deconstructed storage cabinet. This makeover is a work in progress. More photos to come later...

1. Office supplies - at eye-level by my monitors.  I also keep lip gloss, gum and spare contact lenses here.
2. Steel keyboard rack - 14" x 12" x "30
3. House plants - some recycled plastic bottles are camouflaged with re-purposed wicker baskets.
4. Elevation - laptop stand is an old tea box, and the adjustable stool was brought from my apartment.