04 March 2013

living a glamorous life . . . it's what you make it

The public radio recently touched upon the topic of childhood obesity, through the lens of family activity and lifestyle. Late in the segment, they interviewed a woman who chose a lifestyle that many in the USA don't follow. This is the chosen lifestyle in my house.

In my home we've found the key to living a healthy and sustainable life:

  • Lose the Car: I got rid of my car in 2005 and my husband-to-be got rid of his over 2 decades ago. We walk to lunch, brunch, and museums on the weekends and have a joint car share membership for the rare occasion when we do need 4-wheel transport.
  • Lose the Suburbs: We picked a central community in our city  that's close to dining, dancing, theaters, food stores, farmer's markets, retail shopping, and green space
  • Lose the Commute: We both have jobs within 3 miles of our home and bike to work regularly
Our non-dependence on vehicles makes this a most glamorous lifestyle.