24 March 2013

wedding planning : cocktail hour appetizers

I'm back and forth on the wedding reception menu. First, I wanted a menu of food from my native Antigua, but as the dishes are specific to the island nation, it would be tough to get a caterer who could make passable versions of pepperpot, fungi, or dukuna.

So, I thought about having other ethnic fare, then I was back to the food of my homeland. Surely there must be an Antiguan cook in the tri-state area?!! But I'm still not sure.

As there's time to think on it, I've tabled the dinner menu and have begun to concentrate on planning out the cocktail hour. Hubby and I have decided that the cocktail hour apps should be beautiful, elegant, and economical fruit and cheese boards!

On hot summer evenings, my partner and I often have a light dinner of stinky cheese, fresh fruit, and crackers; paired, of course, with our favorite vin du jour. It'll be the perfect fare to start off our outdoor dinner party and bring both of our families together.