01 April 2013

great pink neutral gloss

Around this time last year I picked up a tube of Wet n Wild natural blend Lip Shimmer in color 101. For me, buying gloss and lip colour in a convenience shop is always a crap shoot because I can't try on the shade first. There's the chance that the colour may be too opaque or sheer, contain too much glitter or not enough, or it may cause an adverse reaction on the delicate skin on my face (it has happened before).

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and tried on this inexpensive lip shimmer. It feels great on my lips--having the right amount of moisture and opacity--and is a perfect neutral shade. It looks fantastic paired with matte black gel eye shadow!! For nearly 12 months I've been using the single tube sparingly, while searching all of the Rite Aid and CVS shops in my community for a replacement. Today I found them and bought the 3 remaining tubes. I know from experience that a single tube can last me up to a year. So, I'm no longer worried about running out.

Wet 'n Wild offers a lip balm-like consistency, with truly opaque coverage. Since there are so many shades, it's easy to  get a neutral for most skin tones! I tried a similar product from Burts Bees and was extremely disappointed--Burts offers few colour options, so I never found a flattering shade.

On a scale of 1-5, I give this great product 5 stars!

...was reading Panorama de Las Americas while organizing my makeup bag.