23 March 2013

wedding day : boxing day

Instead of bottles of our favorite grapes, we'll be serving a variety of boxed wines. Many folks know of Black Box Wines.

I wanted a few more options so I messaged my favorite local wine expert, Armin Pfleidere of Armin's Wine Stuff. He gave me three great recommendations...

"There are a few boxes that I think are great though they may be pricier than others. For white wine, I prefer 'le Petite Frog' Picpoul de Pinet (light and crisp, like Pinot Grigio with melon fruit), or 'le Vieille Ferme' blanc (a bit richer and fruitier).
For red wine, I LOVE Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhone reserve (soft, full-bodied wildberry fruit), or Vina Borgia Garnacha (really an ideal Summer red -- light and fruity). Most should be easy to find at city wine shops."

Opting for boxed wine is a great way to go because a box is ..."Lightweight, portable and unbreakable, box wine lets you enjoy your favorite varietal anywhere—without having to worry about a corkscrew or broken glass. It’s also eco-friendlier, requiring less energy to produce and transport than bottled wine. What’s more, one box contains the same amount of wine as four 750ml bottles, but at a significantly lower price. Plus, our bag-in-a-box packaging keeps your wine delicious for at least four weeks after opening. (No more rushing to finish a bottle before it spoils.) And our convenient mini pak size contains three glasses of wine, making it perfect to tuck into a cooler or backpack for outdoor events."