19 April 2013

my made in america project...update

I recently picked ordered some New Balance workout sweats online. I was so jazzed to get find another product made in the states that I committed a cardinal sin--I didn't read the label.

When ht package arrived in my office, I tried them on, then put them in my gym locker.  After wearing these sweats for a week, I brought them home to wash and finally read the tag that talls me that my NB nylon/lycra pants were actually "Made in Korea". It's too late to return them, and I'm discouraged by this turn of events.

Of late I've been shopping at either thrift stores or American Apparel or local shops. I think in order to ensure that my retail habit is sustainable, maybe I need to step back from my mass-produced product purchasing and concentrate on buying pre-owned or handmade products???

This brings me to Etsy. I've just become a buyer and seller on this international website and I've been happily satisfied with all of my transactions there. Vintage products are actually vintage and handmade items are created by the seller! I'm jazzed and excited.

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