04 May 2013

desperately seeking sandals

Yes, I know I'm late to the game, but I've never owned a pair of gladiator sandals until recently. With a full spring and summer season of biking, picnics, and walks in the park ahead of me, I figured it's time to get a pair.

Online, two options caught my eye and I snapped them up quickly.  The first is the Ollio Women's Ballet Flat Gladiator Sandal with braided accent.  I picked this out despite the numerous user comments that the heel zipper barely worked, and the sizing was iffy.  Well, I'm not that swift on the uptake when it comes to user comments. I prefer to be try out some products for myself. The zipper works fine and the shoe is attractive and comfortable enough. However, I'm not in love with the style on my feet. Maybe it's the style or the silhouette. The pleather looks cheap--maybe that's it. Yes, the man-made material looks amazingly faux, fantastically fake, and totally man-made.

I'd rate this shoe a 3/5 for comfort, but that's all.

The other shoe I found is the Kickers Women's Pastille. It's a leather shoe with man-made rubber sole. Talk about night and day. These gladiators rode with me to the office, to the movies and to dinner without so much as a whisper of complaint.  Also, I was stopped a few times by people on the street to ask about my shoes!! If they last out the season I may buy some of their different styles next year.

I'd rate the Kickers sandal 5/5 because of the comfort and styling.