13 May 2013

just say no (to shrugs)

Short Jacket vs. Shrug
I just realized there's no real way to make the casual knit shrug look fantastic. Every 2 years or so I  see the photos in a catalog and I run out and buy in 3-4 shades (black, white, grey, and a color). Frankly, knit shrugs never look all that great to me.

So, I buy these things and attempt to work them into my wardrobe--mixing them with skirts, slacks and dresses. Eventually, I take a good long look in the mirror or I'm caught on film (photo) wearing a shrug, looking not as pulled together as I thought.

The knit shrug is a shapeless garment. It offers texture and volume to an outfit, but little else. So, I decided to take a page from my style idol's book and pick an alternative garment to keep me away from the cutesie knit shrug that beckons from the online stores. Thanks WNTW & Amanda.

Instead of the textured, shapeless knit shrug, I vow to only impulse-buy structured jackets  with 3/4 sleeves. They offer a fashionable alternative!

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