13 June 2013

Adventures in Homebuying

First House (click to view all)
When we first concocted the plan to buy a house it was half joke, half distant future aspiration. We admitted to my family that we were about 27% serious about it. Then we saw house number 1. It was a great little fixer upper with no yard (no weeding), a 2nd story deck and a wide open 1st level. It also needed several thousand in repairs to make it "perfect". Over the course of the week that we contemplated making an offer I grew to love that little house. We eventually bid low and lost out. I was crushed.
First House
My vivid imagination had already completed the repairs, knocked out a wall, built in some bookshelves and was picking upholstery for the headboard.

After that crushing blow, we were bitten by the house hunting bug; checking the real estate sites daily and viewing a different house with the realtor every other day. My honey was quite obliging about the whole process, and we bid on 2 auction properties but lost out. We traveled to the outskirts of our geographic comfort zone and contemplated the new bike routes we'd have to take--remember, we both don't own cars.

House two: Sold AS IS
Then a house that I bypassed when we made the first offer showed up in a real estate search and we decided to take the look. The layout was open, the porches large, and the floors wood. Of course, a few renovations were needed, but we decided tht we could make it work. Anyway, we place a bid, our 5th so far, and now the waiting begins. I say all this as a preface for posting a bunch of photos. These are the snaps of houses we've visited..some we bid on, and some not.
House 3 or 4: Full o' termites
House 3 (?) was a fully furnished auction.

House 4.5 was on a sketchy street & had this brand new wasp colony starting on the facade.

This is house 1 again, if we won, all this would have to go.