11 July 2013

New Home Considerations...

...coming down the pike. Our new home is a fixer-upper.

We've planned to: make the three bedroom second level a single master bedroom with closet and bath, demolish and rebuild the kitchen, cut the gigantic back yard in half by adding a patio and gazebo (eventually), and alter every wooden surface and wall with color. So, our move-in date will be nearer the winter holidays. Whew!

Thankfully, we have a great contractor and my dad is itching to put his creative mark on our new abode.

For my part, I plan to learn how to repoint brick--it needs that too--and spend every evening and weekend this summer at my new temporary vocation. Of course, I've already picked the paint colors, wood stains, and finishes. It's premature, but a girl can dream. Here's a little visual incentive to keep me focused on our end goal:

This cool color palette will dominate the entire interior... the exterior living
spaces will reflect a bit more of my island heritage. Think of the Antiguan flag.