05 August 2013

Annhialating Weeds in the Sidewalk

I'm sure that I never mentioned exactly how frugal I actually am. My goal is to refurbish our house using as many recycled materials as possible from the local architectural salvage shops. The furnishings will mostly be used or "vintage:, and any additional curtains will be stitched by yours truly.

Before: gravel path was sprayed
with vinegar for weed control.
Since we can't yet get into the house to do any work---workmen only until the demolition is done--I'm spending this weekend fixing up the front porch. My coworker gave me an antique deacon's bench from her late mother's house. My older sis donated a few plant pots. And I plan to jazz up the white vinyl lattice with some turquoise spray paint before rehanging it below the front porch.

After: the same path, 1 day later
weeds are dead and shriveled!
There's also a bit of weeding that needs to be done before I even get started on the planting and painting. However, I did some damage control by spraying the sidewalk weeds with plain white vinegar earlier on Monday. When I went back on Tuesday, the verdant green had turned to brown and many of them were easy to pull. Thanks Pinterest for that awesome tip!

Porch updates coming next week.